B3 Bands for Gyms and Trainers

B3 Bands are the Perfect Training Tool to Add to Your Gym or Training Center

6 Reasons for Gyms and Trainers to Implement B3 Bands

#1 – Improved outcomes and results increases value of your services
- B3 Bands will create results traditional training cannot achieve

#2 – Become BFR Certified
- 6 hour online BFR Certification program
- Attract more referrals
- Attract rehab clients
- Attract performance enhancement clients
- Attract clients with pain and health issues that can’t do traditional training
- Create Buzz in Gym when clients and members are wearing and talking about B3 BFR Bands.

#3 – Certify Trainers as BFR Certified Coaches
- Trainers will have cutting edge BFR to enhance results
- Trainers can charge higher fee for BFR session or reduced time with BFR (Both increase profits)
- Enhances Trainers ability to generate referrals from existing clients

#4 – Refer to your peripheral network
- Gym owners can refer BFR to their peripheral warm market and increase revenue
- Trainers can also add additional income stream outside of clientele

#5 – Generate Commissions for B3 Bands sales
- $80-$130 per set sold
- Gym can choose to share commissions with trainers
- Your BFR Customers can also refer generating additional income stream